Resim Bölüm Bölüm Numarası Yayın Tarihi
Filinta1 1.Bölüm 1 December 27, 2005
Rashington R.S. 2 January 13, 2006
3 January 14, 2006
4 January 21, 2006
5 January 28, 2006
Tourist Trap 6 February 4, 2006
Ben visits Dimitriyev a town full of cheesy slavic-girls, and unintentionally lets loose a slav with a dangerous sense of humor.
Lenin 11 7 February 11, 2006
After a fight with Grandpa Max, Ben makes friends with a kid called Lenin, who goes mad with power of Russia!
The Alliance of All Slavs 8 February 18, 2006
When Grandpa Max gets injured in the cold war, Ben decides that he and Gwen are better off without him.
The Last Russian 9 February 25, 2006
When an evil circus clown kidnaps Vladamir, Putin must conquer his fear of clowns to stop him.
Lucky Russian Gril 10 March 4, 2006
When Baryonavich gives Olga a russ charm, she decides to become a hero called "Russian G".
A Small Prussian 11 March 11, 2006
Ben (as a Prussian) gets caught by a man named Mendeleye, who hands him over to the Forever Kiev's.
Side Effects of Russian Cold War 12 March 18, 2006
Ben catches a cold, which turns out to have interesting side effects of the cold war  when he battles a slavic villain named Natasha.
Asdasd1zzz Secrets of Russia 13 March 25, 2006
Ben encounters his most deadly enemy yet: Russian Empire, who plans to steal the whole China and use it to rule the universe!

Russian EmpireEdit

Image Title Number Original Airdate
To Russia 14 May 29, 2006
The gang meet an old colleague of Grandpa who is not russian.
The Big Dick 15 May 30, 2006
Ben has to face a new, extremely dangerous threat, using a brand new Russian-Dude.
Framed R 16 May 31, 2006
Lenin is back! This time he frames Binovich of being a menace, before merging into an incredibly powerful form!
Gori 10 17 June 1, 2006
Igor wakes up in an alternate world where Gwenovich finds the Omnitrix.
G-russian Match 18 June 7, 2006
Boryanovich and Lenin are taken on board an intergalactic wrestling ship. Now they must put aside their differences to escape...if they survive first.
The Galactic Enfo VS Russians 19 June 13, 2006
A group of super slavs team up with Boryanovich to defeat Shestshest and Vulkanovich who plan on building a bomb that could destroy the solar system.
Russian Fear 20 June 21, 2006
Boryanovich goes to a camp which has been taken over by Russian Empire.
The Ultimate Weapon of the Tsardom of Russia 21 July 6, 2006
26 October 9, 2006
Baryanovich unlocks an unstoppable combination in Russia! And since Vladimir and Lenin join forces, he's going to need it!